Meaning of Pitch in Led Signs

What is pixel pitch ?

Pitch means the distance between two adjacent pixels.Pitch is measured in MM. For led sign, if specifications says P10 pitch it means the distance between adjacent pixels is 10MM. If pitch is P6 or 6MM, it means the distance between pixels in 6MM. In regards to density of pixels, smaller the pitch means more density of pixels and batter the resolution of screen.


Why is pixel pitch important ?

Pixel pitch defines the optimal viewing distance for led display. Smaller the pitch smoother the image or text. With smaller pitch viewers can see clear image even from few feet. So, 10MM pitch led sign will have significantly better resolution then 16MM pitch sign. 

Smaller the pitch also mean more expensive sign. At greater viewing distance, higher pixel density looses its virtual advantage and simple increase the cost of display. 




Key Points

  • Pixel pitch refer to density of pixels
  • Smaller the pitch better resolution and more attractive sign
  • Smaller the pitch lesser the viewing distance