Digital Led Poster

Simple Aluminum Alloy Design Cabinet

The high-end aluminum alloy material and ultra-thin design make the appearance of the whole machine more beautiful,the thickness is only 40cm; Active cooling, ensuring the LED Poster Display can operate safely for a long time , which is more energy efficient than traditional screens; a variety of body colors and custom LOGO is available.

Bright Colors Attract Viewers

LED Poster using high-Quality LEDs, the brightness reaches ≥1000CD/㎡, which is 4 times of LCD Digital Poster and LED rear projection; higher color saturation, making the screen video image clearer, natural, delicate, visual impact stronger, will be better at publicizing your product.

Led Poster Signs Open Neon


With a storefront window LED Digital Poster For Retail stand, you will make good use of intense LED brightness to create eye-catching stands and then improve your store window’s attractiveness.

They represent a cost-effective advertising solution with easy to use features, including a self-contained media player, upload contents via WiFi or USB. It couldn’t be easier to update your content just add images, and even video easily and quickly via USB.